The Debt and Deficit

The Budget

The deficit is approx. 1 Trillion dollars. Simply put, we must get spending under control. We are playing with fire thinking because we are ok today, we will be ok tomorrow.  For the future of our country, we MUST get a hold of this problem today.  With three simple steps we can reduce the deficit by 115 billion dollars without cutting any programs.

These are small steps that will create a very small impact.  We didn't get into 28 trillion in debt overnight, we are not getting out of it overnight.  

Only a penny

1. Cut 1 penny on the dollar from all non-mandatory spending. This will reduce the deficit approximately 15 billion without cutting a single program.

Foreign Aid

2. Reduce foreign aid by 40%.  Not all foreign aid is bad. And we should be helping our allies and those suffering around the world. But not with unaccounted billions that end up in the pockets of corrupt government officials. This cut would save approx. 30 billion dollars.

The Endless Wars

3. End the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  What good comes from building up other nations at the expense of our own. Finally putting an end to these (seemingly) endless war would save 70 billion per year.