American flag waving

Border Security

We can't bury our heads in the sand, and pretend that open borders aren't an issue.  At the same time we cannot stop people from coming across the border. People will always come to America, so long as humans have the desire to be free.

The Wall

The Wall is almost finished.  Stopping it was more a way to "get at" former President Trump than actual sound policy.  The border patrol want the wall.  It will help maintain order and safety during border crossing. More importantly, the wall will help with the safety of those trying to cross into America.

Guest Worker Program with a path to citizenship.

The truth is, a lot of our economy depends on foreign workers.  If after time, a guest worker demonstrates they are here in good faith.  They work hard, and stay out of legal trouble, they should earn citizenship.  And, if they have one, their immediate family as well.

Streamline the immigration system

Everyone seems to agree that we should welcome immigrants.  Its a matter of who, and how many.  Some are more stringent and want them to come "legally", but couldn't tell you the full process.  We need to work with foreign governments to make it easy, for honest hard working people to find the promise that the United States gives to its people.

Criminal Illegal Aliens

Criminal Illegal Aliens are guilty of breaking the law twice.  We cannot tolerate those who would come here, and disrespect our laws and our citizens.  Minimum sentences for committing a felony as an undocumented immigrant should be 25 years.  Again, working with foreign governments to have them housed in within their prison system.