A little about me..

I am a true outsider.  I have never run for office, worked for government or have any family connections.  I am nothing more than an American citizen, tired of politicians playing games with the sole purpose of staying in power.

I was born and raised in Syracuse NY.  I left home after graduating Henninger High School in 1995 to join the Navy, where I proudly served for four years.  Returning home I moved to Binghamton NY and have lived there ever since.  I live with my wife Emily, an Elementary Teacher in Endicott NY and her son Jake who is getting ready to graduate High School in 2021!

I'm running to represent New York's 22nd district because I am tired of the all or nothing, Democrat/Republican approach. I believe I am like most Americans.  Sometimes I agree with Democrats, other times I agree with Republicans.  But the politicians have stopped caring about the American people and have put their political party first and follow lock step whether its good for the people or not.  I will put the people first and always.  

My campaign will only be about ideas.  I have made a decision to run a campaign without accepting any donations large or small.  I don't want to be owned by the big donors and I don't want to take money from the the people of NY22.  If I can't win this election, without taking money from you and your family then I don't want it. 

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